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Bridge 2017

Bridge Classes 2017

Bridge I

An eight-week course for new and beginning players. Learn to play the exciting and fascinating game of Contract Bridge, which combines skill, chance, social interaction, adventure and mental fitness. The course will focus on the Standard American bridge system and cover all aspects of bidding, scoring, card playing, popular conventions and bridge etiquette, appropriate for all new and beginning players.
*Registration required* *All sign-ups begin at 9am* *One sign-up per person*

May 1-June 19 1-3pm
Sign-Ups Begin: April 3rd

June 26-August 14 (Summer Session): 10am-12pm
Sign-Ups Begin: May 26th

Those who are interested in signing up for the
Summer Session of Bridge I, and who have already taken the Spring Session of Bridge I, will be put on the waiting list.**

Bridge II                           THIS CLASS IS FULL!
An eight-week course for beginning players who want to advance to the next level. Beginning players will receive instruction in advanced, competitive bidding techniques as well popular bridge conventions. Each class will also include a period of supervised play.                                        

June 26-August 14 1-3pm
Sign-Ups Begin: May 26th

Bridge III

A six-week course for beginning players who have completed Bridge I and II, or their equivalent. Each class will include an instructional hand(s) as well as
supervised play.

August 21-September 25 1-3pm
Sign-Ups Begin: July 25th

Bridge IV
A six-week course of supervised play for advanced beginning players including an
introduction to duplicate bridge.

October 2-November 6 1-3pm
Sign-Ups Begin: September 4th

To register, please contact Julie Brown at 609-399-2434 x5222 or email  All classes will be held in Room N111.


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