Cooking the Classy Way Winter 2015

Date: Every 4 weeks
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Cooking the Classy Way

With Chef Annmarie Chelius, Classy Chef, LLC

***No Pre-Registration***

**First Come / First Served Basis**

**Only one (1) Number per person**

*Class size is limited to 20 people*


Do you lack energy? Would you like to feel more vibrant and alive?
Perhaps your Chakra's are blocked!!

Come out and learn about each Chakra and some foods which
may help balance these energy centers.

January 24th: “Root Chakra”

February 14th: “Sacral Chakra”

March 14th: “Solar Plexis”

April 11th: “Heart and Throat Chakra”

May 2nd: “Third Eye and Crown Chakra”


All Demos 10am to 12pm

And will be held in the

 “Senior Center Kitchen”


*Adults only please! 

*NO Admittance once the Demo has Started!

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