Emerging Speakers Bureau

Date: February 24, 2015
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Emerging Speakers Bureau

Improve your Business, Improve Your Career

Stage Power & Presence 

Every 4th Tuesday of the month starting Feb. 24 in Lecture Room N110 at 6:30pm


Looking to become a Paid or Professional Speaker?

Looking to increase exposure and Leads for your Business?

Wanting to start a business via Speaking?

This Emerging Speakers Bureau is for you!

Join a group dedicated to becoming better Speakers, Marketers, & Business Owners!

We don’t sit around and discuss our issues – we DO something about them!

In an environment which encourages higher (TED) level, stronger presentations with valuable, laser focused Evaluations on connecting and delivering candid, on-point suggestions for improvement to grow your business and skills.

#1 Reason!: Educationals will take the mystery out of marketing & building yourself as a Speaker … Helping you present and brand yourself as an accomplished Speaker, and building a pipeline for business owners.

Step outside the status quo! Become a TRIPLE THREAT!

Become a ‘Nexpert’™!

Two 20-minute qualifying presentations

Round-Robin, real-world critiques

Share speaking experiences

Mastermind Community

Marketing Expertise


2/24 Presentation Topics:

Solar Power Answered

Website Security

The Power of Speaking for Your Business


RSVP: meetup.com/emerging-speakers-bureau

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