Date: Every week
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


A Note from Instructor Dave Rhodes:

“Welcome to an American folk art tradition, the carving of shorebird decoys that were used to help bring the migrating birds to the kitchens of hungry people along the coastal marshes. The hunting of these birds was ended around 1918 because too many birds were taken. The decoys had no further use and many were burned in wood stoves while others were thrown under the house and left to rot. Those that survived often became quite valuable as antique examples of excellent folk art. Some carvers were highly skilled while others were not. There were so many unwary shorebirds that highly detailed decoys were not needed.

I will bring to our classroom two or three different species of shorebird decoys, sawn from excellent carving wood, white cedar or pine, typical wood used by NJ carvers. I will also supply carving knives and give a quick demonstration of keeping them sharp and how to use them safely. Simple bases and dowels will be supplied as well as sandpaper, and I will bring the results of the first night of carving back to my workshop to do some quick machine sanding for each carver.

During the second class, each student will sand any smaller rough places that my machine will not reach, and I will take the decoys back to my shop and prime them, getting ready for finished painting during the third class. I will bring the acrylic paints and brushes to the third class after any rough places have been smoothed. The decoys will be ready to go.

I will bring samples of Yellowlegs, Black Bellied Plover and Sanderlings. Please bring aprons and/or old shirts to wear. See you there.”

Participants must sign up ahead of time and be able to attend all three dates. Seats are limited.

Please contact Julie at 609-399-2434 ext. 5222 or email jbrown@oceancitylibrary.org to reserve your seat.

September 10, September 17, and September 24

6:30 - 9:00 pm

Room N111

Ocean City Free Public Library ♦ 1735 Simpson Avenue, Suite #4 ♦ Ocean City NJ 08226


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