Date: November 12, 2015
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


by Marc Gold


Marc was born, and grew up, in Atlantic City. His family upbringing imbued him with a deep sense of altruism, and when he reached maturity, his travels through some of the poorest areas of Asia confirmed to him that his life was destined to be one of giving. Marc knows how to get a lot done with even a little bit of money. With his very personal hands-on approach, he networks with numerous small, on-the-ground humanitarian groups that coordinate their individual skills to work small miracles among those struggling to succeed. Come and hear Marc describe how he has transformed recipients of charity into fellow donors. 

The first time I traveled to India, I met a local woman who was suffering from an ear infection. She was unable to afford medical treatment and was suffering terribly. I took her to see a doctor and for $1 I was able to purchase the antibiotic that cured her infection. For an additional $30, I was able to buy a hearing aid that saved her hearing. I was amazed that so little money could go such a long way, but people were dying for lack of it. When I returned home, I sent letters to 100 of my friends and told them about my experience. I had already decided to return next year with funds to carry out similar work and asked them to make a contribution towards this trip. Thus 100 Friends was born.”


Thursday, November 12th, 2015

4:30 pm

Chris Maloney Lecture Hall (N110)

Ocean City Free Public Library

1735 Simpson Avenue

Ocean City, NJ 08226


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