TED Video and Discussion Series

Date: March 25, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



March 25, 2017



Chris Maloney Lecture Hall

Free Admission

John Koenig
“Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions”

Our next TED talk features John Koenig, who has spent the last eight years writing an original dictionary, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, of made-up words, discussing,  “Beautiful new words to describe obscure emotions”.

John loves finding words that express our unarticulated feelings — like "lachesism," the hunger for disaster, and "sonder," the realization that everyone else's lives are as complex and unknowable as our own. In our TED talk, he meditates on the meaning we assign to words and how these meanings latch onto us, filling gaps in the language with hundreds of new terms for emotions. This project seeks to restore sadness to its original meaning (from Latin satis, "fullness") by defining moments of melancholy that we may all feel, but never think to mention -- deepening our understanding of each other by broadening the emotional palette, from avenoir, "the desire to see memories in advance," to zenosyne, "the sense that time keeps going faster."   

And with today’s rapid changes taking place, there is a new vocabulary developing, so please join us for John’s primer of what these new words are.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and the TED talks feature experts in a variety of fields who present unique ways of looking at their respective fields of expertise. 

Everyone is welcome to these free sessions. 

A discussion will take place after the lecture. 

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