Free Woodcarving Classes

Date: Every 7 days
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Free Woodcarving Classes
at The Ocean City Free Public Library

This Class is now Full

A Note from the Instructor, Dave Rhodes:
This is the time of year when many species of birds return to the land. Sometimes they are just passing through, other times agreeing that this is a good place to live for the summer and we enjoy their visit. It is a treat for many of us humans to see a movement in the dry brush along our winter paths that were quiet and empty in the harsh days of winter. The birds are moving now, large and small, and we will carve and paint them with enjoyment and companionship.

There will  be a variety of selections, larger and smaller birds, colorful and/or plain such as small white swans and black crows that are graceful in form and easy to paint. More colorful species such as a Goldfinch, Bluejay, Woodpecker, Cardinal and a Meadowlark will be offered during the workshop.

Lumberjacks cut the carving wood trees down a year or so ago and now that is dry (seasoned) it is easier to carve if the carving knife supplied is sharpened (it will be!). Each bird pattern will be sawn from blocks of pleasantly scented Atlantic White Cedar, the typical carving wood used by most carvers of the east coast. The first class will allow the student to select the bird pattern that they would like to carve and paint. Each one will have a base if needed. At the end of that class, the instructor will take the rough-carved bird from each student, back to his shop, and use a machine sander to smooth out the surface. After that, he will paint each piece with white primer, and in the next class each student will have to sand any small areas that the machine could not reach. When that detail is completed, the bird may be painted with (supplied) acrylic paints (with their imagination if it is blooming). The white swans and black crows are easiest to paint, but there may be a few unannounced species included before the class starts. 

**Seats are limited.** 
Participants must sign up ahead of time and MUST be able to attend all three dates.  
Supplies will be provided.

Please contact Julie at 609-399-2434 ext. 5222 or email to reserve your seat.

Thursdays, May 4th, May 11th, and May 18th, 2017

Room N111
Ocean City Free Public Library♦1735 Simpson Ave Ste #4♦Ocean City NJ, 08226

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