TED Video and Discussion Series

Date: December 9, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


December 9



Room N110


Free Admission


Robb Willer

“How to have better political conversations”


Our next TED talk is by Robb Willer, a professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Organizational Behavior at StanfordUniversity, entitled, “How to have better politicalConversations.” Robb studies the forces that unite and divide us, which comes from his many years of researching howmoral values -- typically a source of division -- can also be used to bring people together. Robb shares compelling insights on how we might bridge the ideological divide and offers some intuitive advice on ways to be more persuasive when talking politics.


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, and the TED talks feature experts in a variety of fields who present unique ways of looking at their respective fields of expertise.


Everyone is welcome to these free sessions.


A discussion will take place after the lecture.


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