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June 2, 2015 (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

All About Crowdfunding
The new way to fund raise for business, cause or project

Tuesday June 2nd
7pm – 8:30pm in Lecture Room N110
with Rae-Ann Ruszkowski - Business Coachsultant

30 Years Fortune 500 Systems & Marketing Project Leader who specializes in Small Business and Solo-preneur Brand / Crowdfunding Development & Management.


3 Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

→ Looking to Increase the amount of funds you raise?

→ Looking to increase exposure and leads for your Business or Project?

→Just want to know what it is, how to use, and why you should pay attention to it?


If you have a solid product that needs more funding to expand your business, you are looking to build your community, or need to do some fundraising for your non profit, then join us on June 2nd, 7pm at the Ocean City Library! (or on June 9th at the Camden Colab).

We're going to show you:

•What Crowdfunding is really about

•How to reach out to backers and strategic partners

•How to position your business or non profit

•The 3 most important pitfalls to avoid and what are the critical 2 bankable assets to start building now

RSVP for our presentation at the link below and we'll give you plenty of funding resource information you can use to raise capital for your small business, non profit, or community today. Plenty of other bonuses also.

Perfect for Community Leaders, Small Businesses looking to grow or support special projects AND develop new strategies for growing their communities and supporters, Non Profits looking for ideas, and individuals looking to fund their own small projects AND grow their own communities.


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