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Magazine & Journal Resources : Writing Research

Style Guidelines

APA Style Essentials - Vanguard University
A great resource, if you are looking for a easy to use, effective and concise APA Style Guide. There are many examples, and coverage of all parts of the proper way to format your paper in APA style. This is a very thorough resource, which will assist you with your APA citing needs.

APA Style Tips
From the official homepage of the APA style guide comes these "extended discussions of...complex issues" in regards to APA style and "nuts-and-bolts advice on how to reference electronic media" using APA style.

Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting Electronic Sources on the Internet
Could you use a reliable resource that would give you an example of how to cite an email, or a page indirectly cited, using proper MLA formatting? This would be a great website for you to utilize, since it provides examples of how to do that.

English MLA Bibliography Format
If you are looking for a very straight forward and user friendly website that will explain how to cite a paper in proper MLA format, then this website is for you. There are many examples, and answers to many common questions about citing. This site is supported by the Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt American School of Lima.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online
Are you looking for an easy to use guide for the Turabian/Chicago Style Guide? This website is the Chicago Manual of Style site, so the resources that you find are reliable. There are many examples of the entire process of formatting and citing your paper in Turabian/Chicago Style.

Citing Resources

Citation Center: Citation Generator
"Could you use a easy to use website, that makes creating a References, or Works Cited page easy? This is a very good resource, that allows you to enter the citation information, and choose your preferred citation style, such as MLA, APA, Turabian, and have your sources put into the proper form."

Citing Electronic Resources - IPL
"Many people want to know how to cite information that they find on the Internet in school papers, theses, reports, etc. There is no definitive answer, but many people have made suggestions. Here are some places to go for recommended electronic information citation guides."

Son of Citation Machine
"Does the thought of putting your resources into proper citation form scare you, then you should check out this site. This site has you enter title, author, etc., and it will put them into proper APA, MLA, or Turabian format. "

"Are you looking a very easy and simple website to assist you with your citations? This is a free tool that is very user friendly, and easy to use. There are over twenty sources from which to choose from, such as "Book, CD-Rom, Film, Journal Article, Magazine Article, Internet Source (web site), and Online Newspaper". With over twenty source types to choose from, simply fill in the information, and the site will create your Works Cited page in MLA format."


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