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Do it Yourself - Home Improvement: Carpentry, Woodworking and Refinishing

Why hire someone to fix something when you can do it yourself?! Find out how with this helpful guide. (Source: www.npl.org)

Refinishing - Websites

Do It Yourself Furniture Refinishing

Although somewhat cluttered and advertisement are noticeable throughout, articles about furniture restoration and refinishing can be found here.

Furniture Refinishing and Restoration

If you want to revive a piece of wood furniture, numerous articles and a question and answer forum will help you restore and refinish your furniture.

Wood Floor Doctor

"Your guide to the world of wood flooring." Learn how to correctly sand, stain, and refinish hardwood floors.

Carpentry/Woodworking - Websites

Build Easy: Free Woodworking Projects

Project photos and how-to property improvement projects.Free plans include materials needed and construction details.

Do It Yourself Carpentry

Resources for home carpentry projects which involve building stairs, and shelves and installing doors and baseboard trim.

Popular Mechanics 3D Workshop

"Popular Mechanics presents the 3D Workshop, for when blueprints just aren’t enough. Rotate, animate and explode: With one click of a mouse, lift our step-by-step plans from the page to examine every joint and part along the way."

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