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Do it Yourself - Home Improvement:

Why hire someone to fix something when you can do it yourself?! Find out how with this helpful guide. (Source: www.npl.org)

Energy Efficiency - Websites

Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Find ways to conserve energy in your home, such as installing energy-efficient doors, windows, water heaters, insulation, and appliances and electronics. Provides a list of ENERGYSTAR® products, where to buy green power, and how to lower your energy bill.

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Information about tax credits available for purchasing solar energy systems, and hybrid vehicles. Note that several of the credits expired in December 2007 and that on February 27, 2008, the House passed an extension of the tax credit for energy-efficient home improvements. As of early April 2008, this bill still needs to pass in the Senate, and then be signed by the President to become law.

Home Energy Saver

"The Home Energy Saver is designed to help consumers identify the best ways to save energy in their homes, and find the resources to make the savings happen."

Remodeling - Websites

DIY Home Remodeling

Tips, photos, ideas and project steps for do-it-yourself home renovation projects.

Home Magazine

Refer to the "Room Finder" for remodeling ideas or click on the Remodeling tab to locate articles and remodeling guides.

Home Remodeling 101

Information for homeowners who are planning to hire a home remodeling contractor. Covers negotiation, contracts, and invoices.

Home Renovations

Home renovation and remodeling articles, step-by-step guides, and health and safety tips.


Home remodeling articles, calculators, money saving tips, and remodeling ideas.

Remodel Guide

"RemodelGuide is your free step-by-step guide to remodeling and repairing every part of your home." Illustrated articles offer do-it-yourself instructions, problem solvers, and buying guides.

Remodeling and Renovations

Covers green building concepts, non-toxic building materials, and sustainable design.

Renovation Wizard

Select a project to view the average renovation cost, what percentage of the cost you will recover, and its value at resale.

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