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Jazz: Video and Sound Recordings

A subject guide for people interested in accessing information about jazz music and musicians.

Video Online

A segment featuring Django Reinhardt, from the Ken Burns documentary, Jazz. You can access the entire documentary through the library's website via Films On Demand.


Sound Recordings Online

Library of Congress National Jukebox
Listen to hundreds of historical sound recordings, covering nearly every musical genre, including yodeling. There are over 600 entries in the Ragtime, Jazz and More category; the above link will take you directly to those entries.

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Available at the Library

The library has many jazz CDs that can be checked out; a search of audio CDs, using jazz as a keyword, produces this list.

Several selections are listed below as example:

You can also search the catalog by performer name; for example, using "Davis, Miles" as author produces this list of Miles Davis CDs available at the library.

Restricting a search to Video and using "jazz" as a subject provides this list of DVDs.

Several selections are listed below as example:

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