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New Year Resolutions: Diet & Nutrition

2009 will be the year to change yourself! Learn about proper nutrition, exercise and other popular goals.

Exercise Tips

Getting into shape doesn't have to be difficult.  Find out how with some of these materials:

Fitness & Exercise

This IPL pathfinder is designed to help you find more information about fitness and exercise. Print and Internet resources are cover topics such as fitness programs and journals, exercises, nutrition, sports, and healthy lifestyles.

American Council on Exercise

"The American Council on Exercise® (ACE) is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. ACE pledges to enable all segments of society to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and protect the public against unsafe and ineffective fitness products and instruction."

Fifty-Plus Fitness Association

"Fifty-Plus is an international organization devoted to information about, motivation toward, and participation in exercise and fitness while aging." You can find news, a calendar of events, links to health and senior sites, and the results of health studies.

Diet and Food Tricks

You only have 1 body - make the most of it with these resources!

Ask the Dietitian

In this site, Joanne Larsen M.S., R.D. registered dietitian, advises about topics related to diet and foods. As of February 19, 1996, the database contains 346 answers covering 61 topics such as Alcohol, Caffeine, Diabetes, Exercise, Junk Foods, and Vegetarian.

FirstGov for Consumers: Health

FirstGov for Consumers "is a 'one-stop' link to a broad range of federal information resources available online." These pages include all of FirstGov for Consumer's links on consumer health. Topics include: Aging/Elder Care, Buying Smart, Choosing Quality Health Care, Diet and Weight Control, Disease, Drugs, Exercise and Fitness, Health Risks & Prevention, Medical Procedures, Safety and Accident Prevention, Smoking/Tobacco Information.


This IPL pathfinder is designed to help you learn more about general nutrition. Some of these sources are meant to provide overviews while others are aimed at professionals and current research. Both print and Internet sources are provided.

Weight Control Information Network

Provides information on healthy behaviors, dieting, healthy eating and much more. "Take Charge of your Health" through the variety of resources offered on this site.

Women's Health Zone

This site provides women of all ages with timely, relevant information covering a wide range of health topics from diet and exercise to pregnancy and preventive care.

Recommended Videos

Achieving weight loss [videorecording] : goals for optimal health through proper diet & supplements [videorecording] San Diego, CA : Valerie Hall Nutrition / Lenny Magill Productions, c2005. Call # DVD 613.2 ACH

Controlling blood sugar [videorecording] : for health, weight, and balance San Diego, CA : Lenny Magill Productions, c2005. Call # DVD 613.2 CON

Forks over knives [videorecording] New York, NY : Virgil Films, c2011. Call # DVD 613.2 FOR

Get fit & fab [videorecording] / with Jillian Michaels Louisville, CO : Gaiam Americas, c2006. Call # DVD 613.7 GET

The South Beach diet super charged workout [videorecording] United States : Rodale, c2008. Call # DVD 613.7 SOU

You on a diet [videorecording] : with Dr. Michael Roizen [S.I.] : DPTV Media, c2007. Call # DVD 641.563 YOU

You on a diet workout  [videorecording] : 3 exercise levels on one DVD [S.I.] : realage.com, c2006. Call # DVD 613.7 YOU

Recommended E - Books

Atkins, Robert C. Dr. Atkins' new diet revolution [electronic resource] : New York, NY : Harper Audio, c2004.

Campbell, T. Colin The China study [electronic resource] : the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss, and long - term health Dallas, TX : BenBella Books, c2006.

Eisenson, Howard J. The Duke diet [electronic resource] : the world - renowned program for healthy and lasting weight loss Old Saybrook, CT : Tantor Media, c2008.

Pollan, Michael In defense of food [electronic resource] : the myth of nutrition and the pleasures of eating New York, NY : Books on Tape, c2007.

Smolin, Lori A. and Grosvenor, Mary B. Nutrition for sports and exercise [electronic resource] New York, NY : Chelsea, c2010.

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