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Pirates Subject Guide

A pathfinder designed to educate people about pirates.

World Wide Web Resources

Pirates: Fact and Legend

Learn about the history of pirates, biographies of famous pirates, as well as access the site’s extensive online library of e-books.

Way of the Pirate

This site is “a place where you can find everything you want to know about pirates and piracy! This site offers a basic introduction to the world of pirates, and lots of specific information about pirate history and legends, as well as reviews of pirate books, movies and other fiction.”

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Mark your calendars for September 19th

Print Resources


Anthony, Robert J. Pirates in the age of sail New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Co., c2007. Call # 910.45 AN

Cordingly, David Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean : the adventurous life of Captain Woodes Rogers New York, NY : Random House, c2011. Call # 910.45 PI

Cordingly, David Under the black flag : the romance and the reality of life among the pirates New York, NY : Random House, c1996. Call # 910.45 CO

Croce, Pat The pirate handbook : a rogue's guide to pillage, plunder, chaos, & conquest San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books, c2011. Call # 910.45 CR

Ellms, Charles The pirates own book : authentic narratives of the most celebrated sea robbers. New York, NY : Dover Publications, c1993. Call # 910.45 EL

Exquemelin, Alexander O. The buccaneers of America Mineola, NY : Dover Publications, c2000. Call # 972.9 EX

Exquemelin, Alexander The illustrated pirate diaries : a remarkable eyewitness account of Captain Morgan and the buccaneers New York, NY : Collins, c2008. Call # 910.45 EX

Feder, Joshua B. Pirates New York, NY : Mallard Press, c1992. Call # 910.45 FE

Hardberger, Max Seized : a sea captain's adventures battling scoundrels and pirates while recovering stolen ships in the world's most troubled waters New York, NY : Broadway Books, c2010. Call # 364.164 HA

Karg, Barb and Spaite, Arjean The everything pirates book Avon, MA : Adams Media, c2007. Call # 910.45 KA

Konstam, Angus A history of pirates New York, NY : Lyons Press, c1999. Call # 910.4 KO

The mammoth book of pirates / edited by Jon E. Lewis New York, NY : Carroll & Graf, c2006. Call # 910.45 AN

Marley, David F. Pirates of the Americas Santa Barbara, CA : ABC - CLIO, c2010. Call # 910.45 MA

Marrin, Albert The sea rovers : pirates, privateers, and buccaneers New York, NY : Atheneum, c1984. Call # 364.1 MA

Parry, Dan Blackbeard : the real pirate of the Caribbean New York, NY : Thunder's Mouth Press, c2006. Call # 364.16 PA

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Sherry, Frank Raiders and rebels : the golden age of piracy New York, NY : Harper Perennial, c2008. Call # 910.45 SH

Tinniswood, Adrian Pirates of Barbary : corsairs, conquests, and captivity in the seventeeth - century New York, NY : Riverhead Books, c2010. Call # 909.0982 TI

Woodard, Colin The republic of pirates : being the true and surprising story of the Caribbean pirates and the man who brought them down Orlando, FL : Harcourt, c2007. Call # 910.45 WOducate people about pirates.

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