Fall Lecture Series - Lifestyle of Ancient Egyptians

October 6th   7:00pm

*This lecture will be held virtually on Zoom.

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Meet the Pharaohs Exhibition & Workshops is happy to announce its lecture: 

“Lifestyle of Ancient Egyptians”

Ancient Egypt was a highly civilized society. However, a person’s daily life very much depended on the class into which he or she was born. This is demonstrated through the family life, clothing, and social classes of the people. Today, we can still see the many ways Ancient Egypt has impacted our modern society.

This lecture will take you on a journey into ancient Egyptian daily life. Questions are always encouraged during and after the lecture.

About the lecturer:

Sherin Motawea is originally from Egypt.  She studied Egyptology.  In 1998, Sherin obtained her first Master of Arts in Museum and Heritage Studies from the University College London, U.K. She then became the Head of the Egyptian Museums Department at the Supreme Council of Antiquities under the supervision of the renowned Egyptologist Dr. Hawass.  She conducted a number of educational programs for all ages in Egyptian museums.