iOS-Workshops for iPad and iPhone
Fridays, 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Bring your IPad/phone to class and learn how to utilize the features of your device. Participants must have their own fully charged iPad/Phone and know their Apple ID Password.

Weekly topics are as follows:

March 3:  Texting—learn to type, speak or record your text messages; add pictures/video, enhance your text messages; UNSend your message, save pictures/video received in text messages. 
March 10:  Calendar Feature can be set up to keep your daily schedule organized and in order
March 17:  Internet:  Use Safari to navigate the Web; create bookmarks, favorites, etc.
March 24:  Camera features.  Learn about the Settings; explore the various modes and features   on your device’s camera. Do simple editing of pictures
March 31: Photo Organization:  create albums and shared albums; learn alternate methods of photo storage in order to free up space on your device