Summer 2021 Virtual Lecture Series



Wednesday, August 11  -  7:00pm on Zoom

Lenape Wilderness

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An overall view of traditional native wilderness skills. Topics include a timeline of North America, food gathering and hunting developments, transportation, shelter variations, and native flute music.

Raised in New Jersey, Mike Dennis is an avid outdoorsman, student of history and specialist of experimental archaeology. Having also lived in Texas, New Mexico, Montana, and Oregon, he has had the opportunity to study numerous indigenous cultures and how they thrived in different parts of the country.

In 1998, Mike was fortunate to meet and work for Mr. J. Kraft, then curator of then famous Waterloo Village. That year Mike spent months rebuilding numerous life sized wigwams on the property, as well as many months of working side by side with Mr. Kraft on rebuilding many displays, and learning the role of living history presentation. He was also responsible for running hundreds of presentations over 10 years at a NJ County Parks agency dealing with every aspect of the Lenape people. Since that time, he has constructed an additional 16 life sized wigwams thru out New Jersey, and built a 1700's Algonquin style birch bark canoe by hand.

After returning from Oregon in 2006, Traditional Earth Skills LLC began providing Lenape education presentations along with many related wilderness skills to NJ/Pa. schools, scouting organizations and camps. To date, he has run over 600 presentations and workshops and has worked with over 30,000 students.


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Monday, August 16  -  7:00 pm on Zoom

Making Movies – The Craft, The Secrets, The Fun

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Filmmakers Tom Capps, Phil Russell and Janelle Tedesco will pull back the curtain to reveal some tricks and secrets behind how movies are made. Whether it’s a big budget or independent film there is always an illusion to create and a way to accomplish it! Props and visual aids help these three filmmakers show the audience real tricks and techniques commonly used during the movie making process. Long Island natives Tom and Phil are both graduates of the Film School at Five Towns College, Janelle is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory and all three collaborate on a regular basis under the umbrella of “Thursday Shoots” production company.

Tom Capps and Phil Russell are the founders of Thursday Shoots, a New York based independent filmmaking production company. They have honed their craft in many different formats, such as short and feature length films, web series, music videos, broadcast news, reality television, and commercials. Their works have been featured on truTV, Above Average, Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Splitsider, IFC, and iPhones (probably). They have received over 20 awards at various film festivals for their original productions. Janelle Tedesco is new to the filmmaking team bringing 25 years of professional acting experience. She has performed on stages across the country and around the world even working with stage and screen legend Ann-Margret!



Wednesday, August 25  -  7:00 pm on Zoom

AM Radio Memories: Hit Songs & Stories of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

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Joey Leone takes an in-depth yet lighthearted look at the songs that came out of our AM radios during the golden age of rock and roll. Unforgettable songs recorded by prolific hit makers, including some select 'one hit wonders,' a unique phenomena throughout that particular time period. Joey will add fun facts, musical insights and personal stories about the music that gave us so many wonderful “AM Radio Memories.”

The presenter, Joey Leone, has enjoyed a 40+ year career as a professional musician, educator, and music historian. During his professional playing career, he has toured and recorded with many high profile artists including Etta James, Vic Damone, Chubby Checker, The Coasters, Wilson Picket, and Chaka Khan. These experiences give Joey a unique perspective for his presentation of “Am Radio Memories” by sharing personal experiences performing with many hit-makers of the era.